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Solo Hang Gliding in ParmaWhether you're new to hang gliding or have already logged hundreds of hours, Parma Hang Gliding will find the ideal location to establish or improve your flying skills. Our network of Hang Gliding Schools in Parma teach hundreds of beginners to fly and offer extensive training programs that lead to USHPA certification. Parma Hang Gliding Lessons involve instruction on training "bunny" hills for first time students. These bunny hills allow the novice to experience hang gliding from only several feet above the ground until they have the skill for more thrilling flights and altitudes.

Become a Certified Hang Gliding Pilot

Combine ground school with extensive flight training that is custom-tailored to work with your specific skills. Your Hang Gliding Lessons in Parma will include equal amounts of classroom theory and practical training. Learn to fly like the professionals from experienced instructors. The pilots and instructor affiliates of Parma Hang Gliding pride themselves in conducting lessons using late model hang gliders and the best equipment available.

Fly free as a bird with a Hang Gliding lesson in Parma, Ohio...
Typically, a student will spend 5 - 10 lessons to obtain each of the first two USHPA pilot ratings (Beginner and Novice) - a process which generally takes from 3 to 6 months. At the end of this primary training process, the student is usually flying from moderate altitudes (several hundred to a few thousand feet) in reasonable conditions.

Discover this amazing experience today as you complete your first launch and soar free across the skies of the Buckeye State. Taking lessons from reputable instructors is critical if you want to be on your way to enjoying your first solo hang glide today. Experts are available seven days a week to help you complete a solo flight, become certified, or purchase a Hang Gliding Gift Certificate. We're here 365 days a year to give you the best service and we make reservation easy to get you in the skies as quickly as possible.

Parma Hang Gliding looks forward to helping you realize your dream of flight!

Fly Solo by End of the Day

Hang Gliding in ParmaIf you've ever had the desire to fly on your own then this is one of the most exciting and affordable solution for most people. The training needed to get yourself flying solo is also minimal. Reach new heights with an exciting intro to solo hang gliding lesson. Complete a minimum of 8 hours in instruction and practice and be on your way to completing your first Solo Flight. Fly free as a bird with a hang gliding lesson in Parma, Ohio, sure to make your cloud-bustin' adventure stress-free and exciting!

You will be spending time with your instructor learning the critical techniques of hang gliding -- launching, turning, landing –- as well as safety procedures. You can fly solo from the training hill and progress towards higher flights, all in one or two days. There is no better way to learn to pilot your own Hang Glider in Parma!

Expect to:
  • Spend time in ground school before you take to the air.
  • Complete pre-flight training such as takeoffs and landing techniques.
  • Lift off from the top of the training hill and complete your first solo flight.

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USHPA Certifications

USHPA Hang Gliding I

Beginner Rating

This rating allows the hang gliding pilot to fly solo at Hang I rated sites or low altitudes. You must also demonstrate three consecutive landings within 100' of a target (landing on feet into wind).

USHPA Aero-Tow Hang Gliding I

Beginner Rating

Aerotow is a technique by which a hang glider is towed to altitude by a powerful ultralight aircraft. This rating shows that the hang gliding pilot has a working understanding of towing hang gliders behind ultralights. After multiple solo flights demonstrating safe, consistent piloting skills and good judgment, you will receive your aerotow sign-off, which gives you the right to come out and tow unsupervised This does not let the pilots fly solo.

USHPA Aero-Tow Hang Gliding II

Novice Rating

This rating allows the hang gliding pilot to fly solo at altitude. Progression to more difficult flying conditions continues under the supervision of more experienced pilots or Observers/Advanced Instructors. At the end, you must pass the practical and written exam to obtain your USHPA certification.

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